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"RumorHasIt..." was started by me (Sha’Tiera Jones) messing around on Photoshop & creating a silhouette of my little cousin. When I looked at the photo, the thought "guess what I just heard" popped in my head...then "rumor has it." I printed out the silhouette & ironed it on my Clark Atlanta University sweatshirt (no special reason, it was lying on the floor by my foot). I like how it looked on the shirt but wanted it to be a bit more artistic/creative & have a purpose. Here's what I got: I want the line to be informative. Sarcastic but true, deep but not to heavy & I want it to make you think and second guess. The designs are inspired by the consciously aware, the elevated and the enlightened...but suitable for EVERYONE! I share with you my all and hope you enjoy! Feel free to email me with any feedback you may have, good or bad.